My cat: secrets to a healthy diet

Cats are intelligent animals with an independent spirit. When they enter our homes and our lives, they win our affection from the first minute, with their spontaneous and funny personality. Naturally, we want the new member of our family to have a long and healthy life in our company, and that is why we try to give him the best food.

 A complete and healthy diet for cats should contain high levels of protein and essential minerals for the strengthening of bones (calcium, magnesium, zinc and iron). Some cats, such as other pets or even humans, may at certain stages of their development require special diets, which take into account their individual characteristics, health status, age and weight.

As with any pet, regular monitoring by the veterinarian is essential to ensure the maintenance of health and disease prevention, as well as clarification about any special food needs that our best friend has at the moment. Thus, it is always important to opt for a super premium diet, with natural and GMO-free ingredients, capable of offering the best nutrients throughout your life so that you grow up healthy and happy. Super premium rations can cost little more than the basic and super economical rations you find in the supermarket, but they will certainly make your wallet save on trips to the vet and your head in worries.

After choosing the most suitable feed, give it to your kitten every day at the same time and in the same place, since our little friends are routine animals and the fulfillment of these habits will make life easier for him and for you! Come and see the types of food we have available and talk to us to understand the best solution for a healthy diet for your best four-legged friend!

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