Why is it important to choose your duckling's diet well?

is a phrase well known to all of us. What we cannot forget is that our dogs are no exception in this saying. As in humans, a balanced diet rich in essential nutrients for the functioning of the body makes all the difference when we want to guarantee our companions a long, healthy and happy life!

Each animal is unique and has specific needs, so the diet must adapt to its weight, age and individual characteristics. This is the main reason why we should not choose randomly the food we buy. The food your neighbor gives his dog may be the best for him, but the worst for yours!

Eating in a healthy way and knowing the origin and composition of food are a way of contributing to health and the environment. But how can I know that I am making the right choice?

E porque na vida já temos tantas tarefas e decisões complexas para realizar todos os dias, vamos simplificar: uma dieta equilibrada e nutritiva, acompanhada de atividade física regular e adequada, darão ao seu patudo e a si a qualidade de vida que tanto merecem!

When we buy food for ourselves, we read the labels to know the ingredients that compose the product (sometimes we have big surprises in products that we considered healthy before we discover their composition). Dog food is the same! To make the right choice we must carefully read the labels (or descriptions when we buy at online stores) of the product: composition, percentages and amount of feed you should administer depending on the weight. The most important thing is that the protein source is found first in the composition (for example, meat, fish or egg instead of cereals). We recommend that you discard feeds full of cereals, as they do not give your dog the nutrients he needs. Always bet on super premium rations, which should have as first ingredients in their composition what your pet likes and needs most: meat or fish (example: turkey, chicken, salmon).

No caso de existir, por qualquer fator de saúde avaliado em consulta, a necessidade de uma dieta específica, deve fazê-lo apenas quando existe um diagnóstico e uma recomendação específica do seu veterinário para efeito.

E já que estamos numa de ditados, outro aspeto fundamental é lembrar-se de que as aparências iludem! Podemos facilmente encontrar no mercado rações coloridas e de formas atrativas (quem nunca lançou a piada de que tinha tão bom aspeto que até apetece comer?) mas depois descobrimos ao ler o rótulo da embalagem que afinal os legumes e as verduras não estão presentes, mas sim corantes e outros elementos de valor nutritivo 0 para o nosso patudo.

Never forget that all dogs, due to their accelerated growth, have sensitive digestive systems, which explains the importance of a balanced diet and of great nutritional quality. You can consult in our article "How to ensure I give my dog a balanced diet?" all the tips on what to look for and what to reject when choosing your pets food, as well as knowing the best ways to create a quiet and adequate space for your best friend to eat.

It is worth making the right choice, because for him… we just want the BEST!

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